洛桑龙达上师 大事纪



●公元70 年代,诞生于 “佛法圣地文化艺术之乡热贡唐卡发源地” 吾屯村。

Longda was born in the 1970s in Wutun, a small village in Qinghai Province acclaimed as “a sacred place for Buddhism and traditional culture” and “the cradle of Re-Gong Thangka”.


●公元80 年代,承接法王十世班禅大师传承的大威德金刚密法和菩提心愿法。

In the 1980s, he carried on the study and practice with Yamantaka Tantra that was passed on by the Tenth Panchan Lama Great Master and Bodhicitta Dharma.


1983 年,被当地一代法主洛桑尼玛大师选为 “善根” ,在隆务大寺受僧戒。后进入吾屯寺,师从扎西拉旦等数位上师,学习佛法和唐卡泥塑等文化艺术。

In 1983, he was selected by the contemporary local Guru Luo Sang Ni Ma as “a seed of kindness” and vowed to obey the precepts of Buddhism in Longwu Temple. He was then admitted to Wutun Temple and devotedly studied Buddhism, Thangka and clay sculpture under the guidance of several Grand Masters such as Zha Xi La Dan.


●公元90 年代,在上师的带领下到拉卜楞寺接法——大藏经。并得到格西·单倍尖参仁波切大藏经灌顶。

In 1990s, led by the contemporary Master, Longda went to the Labrang Monastery to receive the Tripitaka. There, he completed the Abhiseka Ritual with Tripitaka by Gexi·Shanbei Jianshen Rinpoche.


1997 年,前往青海塔尔寺等藏地着名寺庙深造,修行显密之法,并绘制壁画、唐卡等。

In 1997, Longda went to several temples in the Tibetan Region for further study and cultivation of Exoteric and Esoteric Buddhism, including the Ta’er Temple. During his stays in the various temples, he painted frescoes and Thangkas for their decoration.


1999 年,为北京雍和宮修复系列唐卡《释迦牟尼佛传》。

In 1999, Longda restored the “Life of Sakyamuni” series of Thangka for the Yonghe Lamasery (aka Yonghe Lama Temple, Palace of Peace and Harmony) in Beijing.


2000 年,获得恩德塞仓格桑华旦仁波切的灌顶密法——五部大金刚。

In 2000, he received the Abhiseka Ritual by Bse-tshang Ge Sang Hua Dan Rinpoche with the Five Vajrayāna Sutras.


2000 年,為上海龙华寺绘制大型唐卡,并为玉佛寺修复唐卡。

In 2000, Longda painted full-length Thangkas for Shanghai Longhua Temple and restored damaged Thangkas for the Yufo Temple (aka the Jade Buddha Temple).


2000 年,在吾屯上寺深造修行等。

In 2000, Longda cultivated and practiced himself in the Wutun Upper Temple.


2001 年,切瓦仁波切的传承——密法时轮金刚灌顶。

In 2001, he completed the Abhiseka Ritual with Kalacakra, which is inherited from Qie Wa Rinpoche.


2002 年,被授予 “金刚上师” 尊誉,並管理吾屯上寺的佛事等。

In 2002, in the same temple, he was awarded the title of “Vajra Master Longda” and took charge of Buddhist services.

2007 年,负责吾屯上寺八宝佛塔的修缮工作。同年CCTV 中央电视台以龙达上师的艺术成就,拍摄热贡唐卡艺术专题片。

In 2007, Master Longda took charge of the repairs of the Eight-Treasure Pagoda of the Wutun Upper Temple. In the same year, his artistic achievements were filmed by CCTV (China Central Television) for a special feature on Re-Gong Thangka Art.


2008 年,荣获首屆 “热贡国际唐卡艺术节与文化遗产博览会优秀奖” 

In 2008, Longda’s work was commended as ‘Excellent’ in the first “International

Re-Gong Thangka Festival and Cultural Heritage Expo”.


2008 30 日,美国《纽约时报》专题报导洛桑龙达上师的唐卡艺术。

On 30th March, 2008, the New York Times carried a special feature on Master Longda’s Thangka paintings.


2009 年,修建吾屯上寺时轮金刚佛塔内的千尊文殊菩萨琉金佛像。並担任金剛乘大法会的主法。同年荣获 “热贡唐卡艺术博览会优秀奖”。

In 2009, Master Longda presided over the construction of a thousand gold-plated Manjusri Buddha in the Kālacakravajra Pagoda within the Wutun Upper Temple, and he also hosted the Vajrayana Monlam (aka the Great Prayer Festival). In the same year, Master Longda exhibited at the Re-Gong Thangka Art Expo where his work was also commended as “Excellent”.


2010 年,得到当地法王夏日仓仁波切的传承——五部大论密法。

In 2010, Master Longda inherited “the Five Great Treatises” from local Karmapa Xia Ri Cang Rinpoche.


2010 日,《环球时报》专题介绍龙达上师的唐卡艺术。

On 5th January, 2010, the Global Times ran a special feature introducing Master Longda’s Thangka paintings.


2010 年,龙达上师唐卡艺术全国巡回展於北京盛大展开,天津、青島、大連、广卅等城市陆续承办。

In 2000, the National Touring Exhibition of Master Longda’s Thangka Art was shown at venues across China, in Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao, Dalian and Guangzhou.


2011 月,香港佳士得国际拍卖公司以高价拍出龙达上师的唐卡作品,龙达上师成为首位当代唐卡作品荣登国际拍卖舞台的大师。

In August 2011, Christie’s Hong Kong sold out one of Master Longda’s Thangka paintings at an auction for a very high price; hence, he became the first contemporary Thangka Grandmaster whose work is sold at an international auction.


2011 年,龙达上师唐卡艺术专辑《热贡唐卡》由大连出版社出版,全国发行。

In 2011, Master Longda’s debut Thangka art volume Re-Gong Thangka was published by Dalian Publishing House for national distribution.


2011 年,龙达上师的梵唄专辑《菩提心愿》CD 出版发行。

In 2011, Master Longda’s Buddhist chants Bodhi Wishes was released on CD.


2011 年至2013 年,担任吾屯上寺金刚舞法会负责人。

From 2011 to 2013, Master Longda was in charge of the Dharma Assembly of Tha Kung dance performance in the Wutun Upper Temple.


2013 年,上师应英国伦敦艺术大学之邀,前往英国作唐卡艺术演讲。

In 2013, at the invitation of University of the Arts London, Master Longda visited the UK and delivered a speech on the art of Thangka.


2013 年,英国伦敦ISCA 美朮学院終身荣誉顧问。

In 2013, Master Longda was conferred the Lifetime Honorary Consultant of ISCA (International School of Creative Arts, London, the UK).


2014 月,在上海图书館成功举办唐卡艺术上海展。

In August 2014, his Thangka Exhibition held in Shanghai Library turned out to be a great success.


2014 月,台湾成功举办唐卡展。中国佛教会理事长圆宗长老、世界佛教僧伽会文化委员会主任委员斯里兰卡強帝玛长老等莅临祝贺。台湾佛教卫星电视台对龙达上师进行专题采访并播出。

In September 2014, Master Longda held an exhibition in Taiwan, which attracted the presence of venerable Buddhist figures, headed by Master Yuanzong, Chairman of China’s Buddhist Association, as well as Venerable Dr. Bodagama Chandima Thero, Director for Cultural Committee of the World Buddhist Sangha Council.


Taiwan Buddhist satellite TV station has interviewed Master Longda on this special occasion and the program has been broadcasted.


2014 月,生命電視台专访龙达上师,並製作播出一系列唐卡講座:《唐卡緣起》、《唐卡的繪製》、《唐卡的殊勝》、《東方琉璃藥師佛極樂世界》。

In September 2014, Life TV has interviewed Master Longda and broadcasted a series of lectures: "The origin of Thangka ", "The drawing of Thangka", "Thangka’s special", "Oriental Bhaisajyaguru’s elysian world".



On 25th October 2014 Longda Master's Thangka art,  "King of Treasure and Eight Horse God of Wealth" has won the highest honourable award of Chinese folk cultural relics "Hong Yu Bo Cup" and the gold medal of "Yun Gong award"

2014 12 月,荣获“中国十大唐卡大师”——中国美朮家協会会长丁绍光先生尊誉。

In December 2014, Master Longda was commended as “One of the Top 10 Thangka Masters”, as hailed by Ding Shao-guang, Director of the World Association of Chinese Artists.


2015 月在法国巴黎法中文化协会举办唐卡展。

In May 2015, the Association Culturelle Franco Chinoise held Thangka Exhibition in Paris, France.


In June 2015, The Ashmolean Museum of Art & Archaeology of Oxford University, The Prince’s Charities Foundation-China Exchange, and Marshall Art Centre of Cambridge University successfully held Thangka lectures as well as exhibitions.



On 13th June, 2015, Master Longda

 became the first Grandmaster to hold an individual Thangka exhibition at British Museum, London, United Kingdom.



On 27th June, 2015, Master Longda held a successful Thangka exhibition at Fitzwilliam Museum of Cambridge University, and he also donated two pieces of Thangka paintings as permanent holdings at the museum.   



On 10th July, 2015, Master Longda held a press conference for the UK Itinerant Exhibitions at Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Shanghai.



On 26th November, 2015, Master Longda led the International Buddha Worshiping Delegation of Cambridge Oriental Culture Association to visit Taiwan. They received courteous reception among the Buddhist circle including Respected Shangjing Xiakong Upajjhaya, Dharma Master Cheng Yen of the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, Abbots of Fo Kwang Mountain, the Buddhist Association of China, Chung Tai Mountain, Dharma Drum Mountain, Live TV, and Taiwan Gridhrakuta Mountain. They were also warmly welcomed by celebrities from the cultural and art circle like Mme. Ming-Chu FENG, the Director of National Palace Museum, Mr. Qi-Mao LI, and Hao-Nian OU (Ho-Nien AU).



On 10th December, 2015, Master Longda successfully held a Thangka lecture at Museum of World Religions, Taiwan.



On 19th April, 2016, the foundation stone laying ceremony of Thangka Art Centre of Longda Shuxiang Academy was held. 



On 15th May, 2016, “Sutrayana and Bathing the Buddha & the Abhisheka (Sprinkling) Ceremony of Guanyin (the Goddess of Mercy)”, and the “Launch of the Benefaction of Establishing Thangka Art Centre of Longda Shuxiang Academy” was held in Shanghai.



On 6th October, 2016, Master Longda was invited to present a Thangka lecture at University of Bath, United Kingdom.


2016109日,英国诺里奇市长Marion Maxwell邀请金刚龙达上师在英国诺里奇千禧馆成功举办为期三天的唐卡展。

On 9th October, 2016, Master Longda was invited by Marion Maxwell, the Mayor of Norwich City, and successfully held a three-day Thangka exhibition at Millennium Library in Norwich, UK.


2016118日,台北唐卡展,新北市佛教会理事长淨耀法师、国际博物館协会亚太分会现任陈国宁主席、国际博物館协会ICOFOM 前任主席Hildegard Vieregg、国际博物館协会亚太分会前任主席Olga Truevtseva 均莅临祝贺。

On 8th November, 2016 Master Longda held a Thangka exhibition in Taiwan that attracted the presence of venerable Master JingYao, Board Chairman of New Taipei City Buddhist Association, Mrs. Guo-Ning Chen, the current Asia Pacific Branch chairman of the International Council of Museums, Hildegard Vieregg, the former chairman of the International Committee for Museology of the International Council of Museums, as well as Olga Truevtseva, the former Asia Pacific Branch Chairman of the International Council of Museums.



On 9th November, 2016, Master Longda attended the 15th anniversary opening ceremony and the Day of Peace Prayer Ceremony of World Religions at Museum of World Religions, Taiwan.


20161220日,获得“第二届全球华人影响力盛典民族文化 传承奖”。

On 20th December, 2016, Master Longda received the National Cultural Heritage Award at 2nd Global Chinese Influence Festival.

201749日,台湾世界宗教博物馆参加世界宗教新春和平祈福会并成功开办《悲智境相》热贡唐卡艺术展。国际非政府组织「爱和平地球家」(Global Family for Love and Peace)創辦人心道法師、国际博物館协会亚太分会现任陈国宁主席、新北市朱立倫市長、南華大學林聰明校長、加拿大本拿比慈濟人文學校謝燿州校長、東吳大學董保城副校長、名主持人徐乃麟均莅临祝贺。

On 9th April, 2017, Master Longda attended the World Religions Spring Prayer Ceremony and held a ‘The Appearance of Wisdom&Compassion’ Thangka exhibition in Museum of World Religions, Taiwan. That attracted the presence of venerable Chan Master Hsin Tao, the founder of International Non-Governmental Organizations ‘Global Family for Love and Peace’, Mrs. Guo-Ning Chen, the current Asia Pacific Branch chairman of the International Council of Museums, Eric Chu, Mayor of New Taipei City, Dr. Tsong-Ming Lin, President of Nanhua University, Dr. Yao-Zhou Xie, President of Moscrop&Burnaby Central Secondary school of Tzu Chi Canada, and Pao-Cheng Dung, vice-president of Soochow University, Nai-Lin Hsu ,famous Taiwai host.



On 10th April, 2017, Taipei News98 radio had an interview for Master Longda’s Tangka art achievements



On 17th April 2017, the deputy director of State Bureau of religious affairs, Jiang Jianyong has met Master Longda in Beijing. The deputy director has described Master as "bright younger generation and promising young star for the Chinese cultural community and the religious circles".



On 12th May 2017, Master Longda was invited to attend the International Buddhist Vesak activities in Sri Lanka and have successfully held the Regong cultural Thangka exhibition in Longxi International Buddhist University. Master Longda has presented Maithripala Sirisena, the current president of Sri Lanka, a gold Buddha Thangka of Avalokiteshvara and a red Buddha Thangka of Sakyamuni to the President of Congress of  Sri Lanka.